A Week of Recovery and Chaos! @ 25 Jan 2022
After a week of recovery and frantically re-coding the pages of the past, we have managed to restore approximately 90% of the website and it's data. Some of the site's more used features were lost though including the (Profiler,COA, Phaos, DL center, some utilities etc) as the code is just to old and cannot run properly on the new server, nor modern PHP code. My apologies to those who lost accounts/characters etc.

We have done our very best to restore and update everything else though. Some new features were added as well to our forums, gaming room and other special interest features of the website. For now PADnD will operate under a sub-domain until things are either figured out by our host Go-Daddy.com who was ultimately responsible for the loss of our website and all of the data included. Thanks to ToyIntercept.com for hosting our site until further notice.

If anyone has any thoughts or concerns, please email me or contact any admin on the forums and we will do our very best to accommodate you promptly.
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