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The Brink [of Madness] Act 1, Scene 1

A classic 2e Puzzle dungeon for High Level characters
Beware, this one is substantially longer and (IMHO) even harder than the legendary Tomb of Horrors!

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Re: The Brink [of Madness] Act 1, Scene 1

Post by Styrius »

Axid mentally chimes in: "The whole complex certainly be alert now. Maybe if we tie plate armor to our boots we can make less bloody noise. To boot Ke'$ha, shouldn't you be thanking or cursing your Patron deity for not allowing your un-deadness?" He grabs rope from the haversack and ties a cinch knot on a rod and lowers it down so as not to make more blasted noise like some drunk Kender dancing around with horns on its shoes.
You are talkin' to the holy symbol wearing,
Ruby ring wearing, kiss stealing; Woo!
Praying/healing, beholder riding, griffin flying
Son of a blowgun, and I'm having a hard time holding these Aboleth shoes down! WOO!
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Re: The Brink [of Madness] Act 1, Scene 1

Post by BishGada »

Ke'Sha tries to understand what Axid was talking about. For sure the little thing had some insult in mind, but it wasn't clear. And besides, the years Ke'Sha had spent with his familiar, mocking each other, made him quiet resistible to such insults. So after a moment of consideration he retaliates, "With most of my minions perished, I'm having a little project for tomorrow that is dealing with un-deadness as you called it, and since you show great interest, and I happen to need a living humanoid for the task at hand, I wonder if you would want to join my work. You will learn a lot about undeadness and you may even leave a mark on the results. Then you can decide for yourself if to curse or thank The Lord." Ke'Sha keeps his face 'dead serious'.

(OOC: I was sure I already posted an answer... oh well, it was in the same friendly spirit. :)
Anyhow, using Axid rope and after Gur's swiping the room from air, Ke'Sha will help Jack climb down the rope so he can check for traps on the walls and on the floor. If Ke'Sha will see anything of interest which seems safe and valuable enough through Gur's eyes, he will note it to his companions.)
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