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Out of Character discussion

The 2E AD&D Homebrew Sandbox world of Genwald is large, ancient, and magical. There are many undiscovered/untamed places. The Sun Kingdom (European style, Late Medieval Human NG Monarchy) is the basic Campaign area, but PCs can end up anywhere.

The scars of ancient battles of titanic proportions mark the land. Wild magic zones, fantastical terrain, grand adventure, political strife, and even artifacts of wonder await. Choose your part and come make your mark on the world. A wide array of unconventional races and classes are available.

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Re: Out of Character discussion

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Lol, yep. The description is basically copy pasted from before. Jordek curiously looked under it and found a large den just under the bridge in the bank on the far side, but it was too steep/risky for him to want to try to climb down and see inside
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